Enrolling In Our School

Keithcot Farm School is a government primary school located 16 kms from the city centre of Adelaide. It was established in 1990 as part of the Golden Grove Housing Development in the North Eastern suburbs and foothills of Adelaide.

Keithcot Farm School is co-located with Kings Baptist School and the Keithcot Farm Children’s Centre. Some of the facilities are shared by the three campuses. The whole campus is known as the Wynn Vale West Campus.

Enrolments have continued to grow and the school is currently running close to capacity with over 500 students. The school is zoned. This means that children within the zone have a priority right to attend the school. Children from outside of the zone are able to attend if there is space available. Families are advised to make contact with the school early if they are seeking enrolment in the school. Currently the school has 18 classes.