Principal's Welcome

Keithcot Farm Primary School has had a long reputation for being a school of choice. Within this website you will find information about our school community and the learning activities of our students. I am sure that you will also find a sense of pride, an enthusiasm for learning and a desire, not to just be a good school but to be a great one!

Our school values are Repectful, Collaborative, Powerful Learners. I am pleased to say that our everyday curriculum, our strong emphasis on behaviour, respect, good manners and the culture of this school give our values real substance. This is an ongoing process of improvement for us. We do not claim to be perfect but we do have an aspiration that our students will be great adults, employable and great members of our community. We are always looking for ways to strengthen what we are offering to our students and their parents.

Our Vision is: Quality teaching and learning in a safe and supportive environment in partnership with our school community.

All families and communities grapple with the ever increasing demands and pressures that are placed on us by work and life commitments. We seem to have more material possessions but less time to enjoy them! The partnership that exists between the school and home is vital to the ultimate success of our students. I encourage all parents and caregivers to find ways of connecting with their child’s learning and wellbeing in what are the crucial years that students develop their positive mind sets and attitudes towards life.

Learning now is about so much more than it was many years ago. Facts and information are at the fingertips of all of us through the various devices which have become part of our everyday lives. Teaching and learning is more about developing skills and dispositions which our students can utilize at the times they need them throughout their life. We want our students to be creative, analytical, resourceful, resilient, courageous and collaborative. These skills will ensure that they can adapt to the many challenges they will face, both personal and professional, in life.

I am pleased at being part of the wonderful staff that will assist your child to be the ‘best that they can be’ during their time at Keithcot Farm Primary School.

Derek Gallamore